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About SNCC

Special Needs Community Connections (SNCC) is a non-profit based in Pueblo West, CO. We focus on creating a resource listing of programs and recreation resources for people with special needs in the Southern Colorado area. 

SNCC was founded to create change and collaboration in the community to benefit the special needs community. We hope to create adaptive recreational programs for the community and adaptive events. We hope to start the process of creating resource listings for all providers, resources, and programs for special needs resource referencing. 


My name is Elizabeth Harmes

I created Special Needs Community Connections (SNCC) to centralize resource information and create new opportunities for the special needs community in Southern Colorado. I have a non-verbal, special needs child with complex medical and I am challenged with the lack of information, processes, and accessibility to resources. I strive to create a space for people to find good resources and to help create programs that support recreation, resources, and socialization needs for people with special needs and their care givers. 

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Our Goals

Help provide recreation and resource options 

Help more special needs families connect with resources

Increase funding to special needs programs

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